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The most effective online marketing technique is to improve your visibility on the major Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista and so on. The top 10 search engines supply 99% of all search engine traffic to websites.

There are two main ways to improve your visibility on the search engines: search engine optimisation and paid search advertising, often known as pay-per-click.

Search Engine Optimisation

Spotlight is our twelve month search engine optimisation (SEO) service package. Spotlight is an actively managed service which aims to push your website to the top of the search results for an informed choice of 5 or more key phrases and maintain it there for a whole year . The service includes the following features and benefits:

  • FREE Assessment
    A no-cost review of your website to establish the suitability for our service and to highlight any potential obstacles such as Flash, frames, popups and Java, amongst others. The report includes analysis of metadata, inbound links, outbound links, site content and current rankings on search engines.
  • Search Term Analysis
    We will help you find all the keyword combinations that bear any relation to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered. We have access to a database of terms that people search for, how often people search for them, and how many competing sites use those keywords. From this we can determine the best five or more words or phrases to optimise your website for.
  • Optimisation
    Your website will be optimised for the best performance on the major search engines with your chosen words or phrases, ensuring the correct metadata such as page titles, keywords and descriptions appears on all the important pages in your site.
  • Registration
    Submission of your site to Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN, AltaVista, AOL, Lycos, AllTheWeb, Hotbot, Overture, Dogpile, About, Espotting and Goo.
  • Linking Strategy
    The Google search engine in particular places significant emphasis on the number and quality of websites that contain hyperlinks to your own website when calculating the rankings for their search results. As part of the service we therefore help you to establish a strategy to develop the number of inbound links to your website by analysing your competitors in the search results and identifying who has links to their websites that you may also be able to duplicate.
  • Quarterly Report
    Each quarter you will receive a report showing your position on the major search engines for your chosen words and phrases, the number of inbound hyperlinks to your website and our strategy to improve or maintain your ranking over the coming months.
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